In order to help you achieve your maximum fitness and conditioning levels for football we must first identify what it is you need specifically as an athlete, whether that is to develop stamina or speed etc.

We incorporate skill, technique and team training in addition to our one-to-one conditioning training.

Statistics show that on average an individual player will touch the ball for only 3 minutes during a 90 minute football game so fitness and conditioning are 70% of your ability on the field.

For each athlete, we will:

  •  Identify your current levels of fitness
  •  Set realistic and achievable goals
  •  Structure your training programme

You will receive one-to-one training from a dedicated coach who will provide you with advice, guidance and motivation. We will encourage and work with you in developing the required attitude and skills so that you will develop the strength to push yourself to the peak of your ability both physically and mentally.

Specialist attention will be given to the key areas you need to address and the Academy monitors progress of all students so that you take evidence away with you documenting your training and performance during your programme.

Our aim is to get the best out of you by training you to get the best out of yourself.