Just about every young footballer dreams about playing pro-football. Although this is not a reality for most people, playing to the best of your ability is in reach of every player.


Achieving your full potential requires an abundance of dedication, hard work, patience and desire whilst continuing to enjoy the game. A worldwide leader in soccer education, the Petruzzi Soccer Academy is a superior athletic institution.

Based in Manchester, England, the Academy prides itself on providing a unique training environment through proven, creative and innovative teaching methods, allowing students to master the fundamentals, play on their strengths and abolish weaknesses.

The level you are currently at does not matter. Our coaches are amongst the best in the UK and will get you in peak condition by working on tailored programmes to ensure you achieve your goals, offering advice and guidance throughout your time with us.
The Academy uses acclaimed sporting facilities across the North West of England and attracts players from all over the world.

We also offer an Elite Team Training Camp and Soccer Tour to the UK.