• Football Assessment
  • Training & Development Course
  • Peak Performance Package

Football Assessment

A one day course covering basic skills, fitness and conditioning

Aimed at assessing your overall ability as a footballer, 80% of the content is based upon assessing your physical condition. The assessment comprises of the most up-to-date training methods and techniques, enabling you to gain an understanding of what level you are at and what options are open to you.

This course identifies your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a platform to build upon, pointing out the key areas you need to work on to perform better. Your endurance, strength, speed, agility, stamina and flexibility are all assessed during the day. You will be scored and results measuring your performance will be produced. You will also receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Training & Development Course

The focus is solely on you. You will train at the highest possible level, get the most out of yourself as a footballer and develop your fitness into peak condition. You will fine tune your skills and gain an understanding of the game from a different perspective. We will provide advice on what we believe is attainable to you as a footballer and analyse your ability from video footage, which you can use to market yourself to clubs applicable to your level.

Key components include:

  • Assessment as above
  • Individual training on Football tactics and technical ability
  • Conditioning and fitness training
  • Video analysis
  • Skills identification and development
  • Dietary & nutritional advice
  • Match preparation
  • Career advice
  • Player rating
  • Playing criteria
  • Certificate of Recognition

Peak Performance Package

Aimed at the serious player, this 7 day residential course will cover mental and physical training including tactical, strategic and mentoring sessions.

We will train you in a professional environment in a dedicated and specialist manner.

Jim Petruzzi will personally work with you and get you to the peak of your ability.